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Joyce Collection

Joyce Collection
Joyce P.W. b.1827

P.W. Joyce was a distinguished collector of traditional Irish music and songs of which  he published four collections. He said, ‘my home in Glenosheen was a home of music and song; they were in the air of the valley, you heard them everywhere- sung, played, whistled and they were mixed up with the people’s past times,  occupations and daily life.’

Ancient Irish music
A concise history of Ireland
A history of Gaelic Ireland from the earliest times to 1608
English as we speak it in Ireland
Irelands battles and battlefields
Irish local names explained
Irish names of places
Old Celtic romances
Old Irish folk music and songs
A social history of ancient Ireland 2 vols.
The story of ancient Irish civilisation
The wonders of Ireland

Joyce R. D. b. 1830
Collecting in progress

The works of the present day scholar Mainchin Seoighe (Mannix Joyce) are also collected